Senior Staff

Jesse Walters - CEO/Founder
For the last twenty years, Jesse has had a passion for studying and monitoring severe weather; that passion is paralled with assisting communities with the preparation, endurance, and recovery of and from the results of severe weather incidents. His vision and motivation has inpsired others to join in his efforts.

Ethan Mulnix - Vice President/Co-Founder/Department Head of Research
Ethan shares the passions of Jesse and is highly motiviated in accomplising the mission of this company. He is currently pursuing an education in geography, climate change, and natural disasters, and has proven to be of great value to both the company and the communities his assists. His educational background and experience provide a great deal of assistance toward the research and development of weather monitoring technologies that could better serve the public.

Tammy King - Vice President/Department Head of Media
Tammy's passion for severe weather, along with her knowledge of media technology, has proven to be paramount when it comes to providing information vital to both reporting and studying the development, progress, and results of inclement weather.

J. Brian Wilson Jr. - Vice President/Chief of Operations for Immediate Response/Relief and Rebuilding Operations Officer
Brian has nineteen years experience in the fire service, having achieved the qualifications of Firefighter II, Paramedic, Rescue Diver, Emergency Telecommunicator I, and Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Brian also served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, where he deployed with both Naval and Marine detachments, both in and out of combat operational theaters. His experience in both rescue operations and emergency scene management have made the operations of the Immediate Response Team possible.

Stavros Kesedakis - Chief Compliance Officer
A native of Rhodes Island, Greece, Stavros has been tracking storm activity, both in Europe and the United States, for over a decade. Additionally, he as operated as a weather forecaster for several years and has a strong knowledge foundation in meteorology; he is also a spotter for the International Centre for Waterspout Research, where he currently holds the record for the most waterspouts captured in Greece. Along with weather tracking/monitoring, Stavros also has a passion for both research and weather photography and videography.

Dena McClure - Director of IRT Training and Coordination
Dena has been involved in weather tracking and monitoring for over a decade. Her service in the United States Army has been invaluable toward the implementation of IRT protocols and training. Dena also has a strong passion for education; she has researched and prepared several lectures, visual aids, and other training resources, many of which she has already used in live educational setting.